RCS Training is an education provider that supplies life-changing knowledge to Home Buyers, Realtors, Wholesellers, and Investors. Knowledge is power. Wholesellers and Real Estate Investors learn how to work with each other to structure win-win transactions for Home Buyers using the proven Rapid Close (RC) System. The RCS Training Mission Statement is: “To help people improve their quality of life with profound knowledge and enjoy the process.”

RCS provides life-changing training to Home Buyers on how to get their home of choice regardless of credit by using the RC System©. A family’s destiny is dramatically impacted by the school district and the home choice they select. Today home ownership is at a 51 year low because the vast majority of people can’t qualify for home loans even with a big down payment, People need help. The RC System overcomes all credit challenges. To qualify for the RC System you need 15% down. Your cash is your credit!

RCS provides life-changing knowledge to Realtors which include: How to help any client get their how of choice regardless of credit and still get paid full commissions; How to become a Wholeseller; and How to become an Investor.

RCS provides life-changing knowledge to Wholesellers by teaching them the easiest and most unique Wholesale strategy that exists. Wholesellers learn that they don’t have to take advantage of desperate sellers and that they can even deal with full price homes. Wholesellers learn how to make money without using any of their own cash or credit and how to close without having to find the home or even see it.

RCS provides life-changing knowledge to Investors by teaching them how to create mailbox money using a proven rubber stamp process over and over. Investors learn how to work with professional Wholesellers to have every home sold before it’s bought which eliminates holding costs, dramatically reduces risk, and creates immediate cash flow